China launches emergency response after firstwhere to buy colored wristbands outbreak of African swine fever

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BEIJING -- China launched an emergency response plan after the country"s first outbreak of African swine fever killed 47 pigs.

On Wednesday, a suspected outbreak was discovered in a pig farm in the city of Shenyang, capital of northeast China"s Liaoning province. The case was confirmed Friday, the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs said in a statement on its website.

Of the 383 pig herds, 47 pigs were affected and killed by the disease.

The outbreak is currently under control, the ministry said.

After the outbreak, the ministry launched a Level II emergency response plan and local authorities have adopted measures such as implementing a blockade and culling the pigs.

Shenyang has suspended the transport of all hogs from the city to other parts of China.

African swine fever does not infect people, the ministry said.

The ministry banned pig farmers from transferring pigs from infected areas and required them to file a report as soon as an unexplained death or similar symptoms of swine fever are found.

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